About Us

Have you recently been called an interim management agency or a headhunter asking you at the end “Do you know somebody who might be interested and might be available for this job?”

Fivezero started in 2010.  It is a network community, in which the network generates its own income.  An excellent personal network finally starts paying off.  The gift of knowing people has become an asset, instead of being a free-be.

Moreover, the internet and social networks have now their own dynamics.  A database is outdated, a good working network is it.  It’s self regulating, self sustaining … it’s there and it is a huge potential.  Your personal network has potentially +50,000 people in the second degree.

Let’s use this powerful tool that each of us has.  Start networking and get rewarded.

Fivezero is NOT a jobboard.  Fivezero is NOT an interm management agency.  Fivezero is NOT a recruiter.  Fivezero is a network community of single persons joining their personal network.  Fivezero is the engine to enhance this global network into a cash generator.


FIVEZERO versus the rest


FiveZero Networking Community

Interim Management Agencies

Consultancy Companies


What is it? The world’s largest networking community of self-employed contractors, tapping into a global pool of qualified talent to hire, manage. Traditional outsourcing using a database.  This database of self-employed contractors is most likely common knowledge as they all are fishing in the same specialist community. Assigning 50% young graduates, 25% specialist consultants on payroll and 25% self-employed contractors, fishing in the same specialist community.
Pricing Fixed reward for networking services regardless of daily contractor’s rate Mark-up of 18% to 50% on self-employed contractor’s rate. High daily rates depending on specialist experience (starter, specialist, manager, partner)
Quality assurance Interchangeable staff. Reward depends on a successful assignment for a minimum time of period (3 to 6 months).  Networkers have all interests to refer the right contractors Interchangeable staff vetted by agency, limited to their database.. Continuous training and guiding within their specialism from higher levels
Worker connection A vast networking community of self-employed contractors with the ability to assign whomever you want fort whatever specialism. A database profile with eventually a face-to-face interview.  No or little direct relationship outside the assignment. All contractors are directly connected through exclusivity and linked to the consultancy company.  Based on a hierarchy in which each higher level controls the level below.
Operational flexibility Globally freelancer network available on-demand for flexible ramp-up. Limited to vendor’s geographical location(s) using a one-size-fits-all staffing model and limited database. Structured primarily for bigger holistic assignments.


Our unique Principle – Give and be rewarded

Helping and Sharing are the greatest gift of all. The gift of ‘knowing people’ can be turned into helping each other and in sharing income.

As a Freelancer, you have the right to:

  • Be paid for every new lead that becomes a firm assignment for a network member
  • To be informed of new leads across the network
  • To be rewarded for helping another freelancer to start working on a firm assignment generated in the network community

As a Client, you have the right to:

  • Find the right person for the job through the power of networking for a minor contribution
  • Only pay a networking-fee 3 months after start date of the right freelancer
  • Tap inro top talent for a wide range of effortless solutions

Give and be rewarded!