Client Guidelines

Tap into top talent for a wide range of effortless solutions.
Get the job done easily with using a huge  networking community for finding, hiring, and working with contractors.


Act professionally to attract professionals

By representing yourself and your company in a way that is respectful and businesslike, you’re more likely to attract top talent. Write job posts that are complete and professional.


A little effort goes a long way in finding the right contractor

Searching online is a lot like searching offline—the right person is out there, but finding them takes some initiative. These steps will help you search successfully candidates effectively, and get your project off the ground with the right contractor in place:

  • Post a detailed job description with clear goals, realistic deliverables, and defined time frames. Ask applicants to answer a few key questions in their applications to help narrow down the field.
  • Set realistic rates. This will attract quality candidates with the skills to deliver on your project in a professional, timely way.
  • Decline an applicant if they’re not the right fit. Contractors have a limited number of applications, so declining an application allows them to pursue other opportunities.
  • Once you have narrowed down the field, evaluate the top applications by considering all available candidate information. Personally interview a few candidates before making a hire.


Great management begins with great communication

Just as with any team, clear and straightforward communication is key to keeping a project on track.

  • Begin the project with a kick off meeting to introduce yourself, establish ground rules, and set mutual expectations. This is especially important if you’re working with a contractor for the first time. The more info you give your contractor about the project and your business, the better.
  • Review the work and check in on a regular basis.
  • Give compliments for a job well done and share constructive criticism to improve performance and create a positive, long-term working relationship.


Stay on top of your weekly routine

Check your contractor’s work-in-progress throughout the month. If there are discrepancies, try to work it out directly with your contractor.


Last, but not least…

The entire FiveZero networking Community depends on honest and objective ratings and feedback. Once the contract is over, please take some time to evaluate and share your experience.