Contractor Guidelines

Great contractor referrals are what make FiveZero truly special. And because your success is our success, we’ve put together these guidelines to help grow your network, and thrive in our networking community.


Act Professionally. Always

FiveZero is a community of professionals. Be polite, courteous, and respectful in everything you do here, from the content of your profile and cover letters to your postings on our website.


Genuine postings and referrals are the key to getting rewards —and keeping—clients!

These are our top tips, from posting a lead or referring a contractor form your personal network to being rewarded:

  • A job posting must be a genuine management summary of the assignment, with indicating a minimum of info. Document the lead posting, including start date and contact person with contact details.
  • If willing to present a contractor from your network, ask yourself if you would hire him/her to do the job.  If there is doubt, don’t make the referral.
  • Respond quickly to questions and messages for more info.
  • When in doubt, ask! Don’t be afraid to talk to us with networking-related questions or concerns.


Contractor – How to present yourself when applying for a project

You’re your own boss on the FiveZero networking community. It’s up to you to market your skills, find the right jobs, and invest in your own success by using a network of contractors.  Let’s all start growing together.


Step One: Create a great contractor profile

Your profile is the most important tool you have to show a potential client you’re right for the job. It’s your business card, resume, CV, portfolio, and references rolled into one!

A complete, professional-looking profile includes your full name and title (comprehensive for any client). It shows off past successes (number of years worked in a field, education level, significant projects), highlights your skills.  It is NOT a listing of all projects ran.  Make a choice and be concise.

Be sure to link to images or examples of work you’ve accomplished. (But get permission from your client first.) Don’t have a portfolio? Use letters of recommendations from previous jobs!

Finally, check for errors. The contractor with a well-written, professional profile will always be a client’s first choice. Avoid using slang, ALL CAPS or text shortcuts, and double-check that everything is grammatically correct and spelled properly.


Step Two: Apply to the right lead

To increase your chances of getting hired and get set up for a successful project, only apply to leads you have the skills to do well. This leads to a job well done, which leads to great feedback, which leads to more leads in the FiveZero networking Community! This opens the opportunity for you to be asked for lead generating and referral of contractors within your network.  Also, the number of leads you can apply to is limited, so choose your applications wisely.


Step Three: Write an excellent cover letter

Your cover letter introduces you to a potential client, so be sure you’re saying the right thing! Tailor every one specifically to the job (clients can tell when you just cut and paste a generic letter), share your skills, and concisely explain exactly why your experience meets the needs of the project.


Step Four: Got an interview? Get prepared

Prepare for your interview just as you would a face-to-face meeting. Review the job requirements, note down some questions to ask about the project, and be ready to discuss your skills.

During the interview, be on time and ready to talk specifically about why you’re qualified and what you would do to make the project successful. Ask about schedules, deliverables, and what your client expects from the person they hire. Be polite, friendly, and be sure to thank them at the end.  Stick to the point!


Build Your Own Success

The most successful contractors have an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic, and consistently deliver great results for their clients.


Be work-ready and reliable

Being reliable and responsive is just as important as doing great work. This means responding promptly, meeting deadlines, and delivering on your professional promises.


Be your own best manager

As a contractor, you’re responsible for managing your projects, your schedule, and your client relationships. Don’t overcommit. Set and communicate realistic expectations, meet deadlines, and always do your best work.


Great work leads to great relationships

If you deliver great work and are a pleasure to work with, your clients will want to work with you again or will ask you to be introduced to your network.